Thursday, August 11, 2022

We All Are Stardust

 Enjoy your star time✨✨🌟

Let the beauty you love be what you do!  Rumi


Play with the rays cycling above, we are all children of the stars.  It is time to celebrate all our blessings and spread our thanks. As we light our inner candles our earth and hearts resonate love throughout the galaxy.  


Please experience this yourself. Bathe in starlight recharging and beholding.  Do you feel being held by this blessed light above? Dance under the Milky Way allowing the trillions of lights filtering into the trillions of cells within you.


We are all children of the stars! It is a quantum pool of loving kindness. 93% of the mass in our body is stardust originating from giant red stars by the Big Bang 5 billion years ago. We share 97% of the same atoms. All the basic elements of life, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, calcium,  iron were  created before the earth. We share from these red giant stars more of this stardust than the asteroids or the planet Mars,  All living and nonliving things on  Earth, from water, crystals, rocks, stones,plants, animals, insects, birds, fish consists, of this stardust

The Stars for Aboriginals continue to be mystical stars watchers. These heavens are the homes of ancestors, animals, plants, and spirits. The stars being order to all aspects of their daily life and culture


Cultivate the mirth and this rebirth. Play with the rays cycling above!  Take refuge by visualizing this. - be a Starshiner. 

We are all blessed children of the stars.

- be a Starshiner. We are all blessed children of the stars.

Starlight is becoming endangered, affecting both wildlife and humans. 

Our population lives in a very electrified world with over two-thirds of the world’s population living in a light polluted area.About 40% of us at night face perpetual light and 25% experience artificial twilight that exceeds the illumination of the full moon. 83% of people live in light polluted areas and 99% of Americans and Europeans live in this artificial illumination. More than a third of humanity and almost 80% of North America can no longer see the Milky Way.

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