Monday, November 18, 2013


Finding my center is an exercise of being aware in every moment.  Gathering and consolidating energy is much more beneficial then scattering it. Simple things like riding my bicycle or driving my car are examples as to why it is important to be mindful and centered.  

Centering requires a focused presence. As I expand this centered awareness it also welcomes a new level of happiness. Bringing a focus to my physical experience with a keen awareness on how my body feels in the “now” excels my potential. When I climb up a ladder I understand why it is important to be aware of each centered step.

Centering I better observe what is happening and judge less my present experience. This exercise discovers a deeper perspective of my greater self.  This takes me beyond my emotional stories and the concepts that imprison me. 

Centering is about listening to oneself at a core level. By becoming more focused I arrive with greater “hereness” and lessen my mind chatter. Such a simple practice of checking into my body gives me the opportunity to listen to the beat of my heart.  Center what is present at any given second gives me greater vitality. This exercise allows me to just “be”.  Getting me out of my head into my physical experience lessens distracting thoughts. 

Experiment on centering by first getting yourself in a comfortable sitting posture. Next place your attention to come into your body. Watch how your lungs fill up with air and then how you exhale. How does the air touch your nose or mouth? Feel how your bottom connects with your chair, your feet with the floor. Explore by taking a quick body-scan. Feel the heat or tingling of your skin. Notice how you can relax your muscles, mind and bones when you are more sensitive to bodily sensations. Observe what happens when you pay attention to your physical senses how they arise and fall away.

As you focus on this bodily quality become curious about it, yet limit thought to a specific texture, temperature, and the quality of this body feeling (e.g. tired, restless, energetic, nervous, pulsating). What is happening now in your body? Now wait several minutes and see if what is happening is still happening in the same way. Centering always brings you back to core body sensations. Does it change much or just shift slightly? Is there a kind of easing or opening, a sense of being firmly grounded?

The power of centering comes when you shift from your head to your body. With an interested attention do you notice what is now going on with your body? Reframe what is going on by centering your physical self beyond emotions. Invite yourself to become playful and fully explore all aspects of your body. 

Bring a creative quality to this exercise. Center yourself so to observe your body like a changing weather system? Does your stomach make noises?  Have you changed your breathing? Can you open, and soften so to release any tension in your body? Does relaxing help you find a better center?

Like an eye of a hurricane relax find the stillness in the middle. Let go and relax, just observe you center.   Without resistance come to your core, whether you soften any of your muscles or release tension in from your feet, ankles, calves, knees, hamstrings, stomach, back, shoulders, throat, jaw, mouth, eyes or scalp.  Simply bring your attention back to your body. Practice awakening to finding your relaxed center. Center, be, breath and enjoy!