Saturday, August 20, 2022

PRO- pause, relax open

Acting as if I am in the eye of the hurricane is how I will best go forth.  The wild winds of what is presently going on provides me the opportunity to go within.  By remaining calm given today’s turbulence may I be free to respond. Rather than to react may I cultivate peace, love and joy.  


Showing up to my circumstances as a PRO, I Pause, Relax and Open to whatever insanity that presently I may face.  May I liberate myself from such suffering and allow freedom to ring.  Acting from inspiration rather than reacting in desperation I celebrate my highest potential, purpose and possibility. 


Pause relax open PRO -become a champ not a chump

  • Take a breath —pause relax and open to PRO

  • Laughing rather than crying may I lighten up

  • Champion each moment with peace, love and joy

  • Be free to breathe whenever or NOT

  • Be kind and gentle with yourself -well Yes 

  • KISS —keep it simple, Sweetheart

  • Be Free- Respond with ability


PRO liberates more possibility, potential and purpose. 

PAUSE, RELAX and OPEN to the wow of the now!

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