Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12:12:12- AWE Exercise of Our Collective Right Brain

It is the last repeating-number date of the century, holds profound emergence of unifying psychic exercise. 12:12:12 marks a shift to our creative right brain where the unity and oneness resides. There is a new beginning of observing and at the same time - an ending of judging with the logical left brain.  New alignments, opportunities will emerge as we reframe how we shift our mind-set. This is a celebration of our collective neural networks shifting from the left to greater balance with our right brain. As a species we can change from reactors to responders.  The Mayan and other ancient teachings of 12:12:12 now shine upon us with pure crystalline light of new possibilities if we are so bold to make this alignment.

This enlightenment of awakening gives birth to a new collective story. We no longer need to be so dominated by our logical left brain (  The old cynical one dissolves and fades away. Wise people see 12-12-12 transforming us into a new portal opening into a vortex, unity consciousness, or a rainbow bridge, creating a bridge into the 21st of December 2012 – a beginners mind moment of new prosperity and possibility.  12.12.12 is not just fantastic numerology but where the sum of the parts become whole and the circle is no longer broken for those who dare to wake-up with this shift in consciousness.

12/12/12/ invites us to celebrate and ascend both in Science and Spirituality. We now as a people share with the experience of Near Death Survivors (  A profound out of body experience can activate our consciousness even when our body no longer functions. 12:12:12 is a wake-up call since anytime now allows us greater conscious choices, via transformative understanding that we are all tied in by a light interconnection with web of life encompassing Gaia or our greater body, our beloved Planet Earth.

Healers and teachers see 12:12:12 as an amazing alignment.  A Star gate 12:12:12 portal merging with the December Solstice – were an amazing amount of light filled with Cosmic Love divinely expanding over the entire Earth.  Like all cycles we will experience both endings and beginnings, in our bodies, minds and spirit.  12:12:12 is both a Cosmic Completion & Re-birth and there are no accidents that 1+2+1+2+1+2 = 9, or 3 x 3  equals the mystical, number Nine since it represents the end of a cycle in the decimal system. If you multiply nine by any natural number, and repeatedly add the digits of the answer until it is just one digit, you will end up with nine.

12:12:12 is a remembrance of what indigenous cultures never forgot: all things are related, connected, and interdependent. Everything we do matters, everything affects everything else in unpredictable ways!

Celebrate 12:12:12 is the birth of a creative, integrated shift in our living planetary system. As Earth Beings’, we are all related to all things. As we change our attitudes and views so will our dream of the world will manifest from our present nightmare of being separate and alone. This Great Turning for many years has been evident. Hundreds of Millions of us have been celebrating in more sustainable and harmonious actions ( 

A peace of mind instead of a violent mind-set is essential if this collective body wishes to continue. Aligning ourselves with this Crystalline Light of unconditionally plants news seeds for our future. We can wake up to this Crystalline Light by shifting from left brain to right.  

This shift in thinking has boundless qualities to lessen our suffering and increase happiness. All we have to do is exercise with the first AWE step – to courageously open our heart.  By quieting our mind we find there are no limits since greater acceptance and forgiveness emerges from this heart opening experiences. Such unconditional surrender creates an amazing vibrational frequency and resonance that exponentially expands out overcoming our collective fears.  Also other hindering negative emotions become dissolved as our immense love expands.  The wisdom of our heart overcomes our fears caused by too much thinking creating greater fearlessness.  This allows us to shift into a higher dimensional awareness of unconditional love.

This last repeating-number date of this century, offers a profound AWE exercise. We can do the same old paralysis analysis or explore greater liberation. 12:12:12 is a door opening to our creative right brain where the walls of our logical left brain can drop down like a drawbridge.  A crystalline road awaits this new road exploring our right brain. Crossing this rainbow bridge of pure light takes courage.  Beyond the numerology of 12.12.12 our real home is awaiting.  The question is can we fearlessly exercise with AWE, let go our dominant left brain so to find greater oneness with our right?