Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Using Our Body to Awaken to Now

To foster greater understanding of myself I use my body to be in the now.  This adds to my wellness. For example being aware in the moment enhances my quality of life. Also such attention is critical to my well being. Riding a bicycle or driving a car are examples as to why it is important for me to be mindful. As I expand my awareness I discover a new level of happiness. Combining my physical experience with  present mental awareness excels my performance. If you ever climb up a ladder you understand why it is important to be aware of each step.

Developing a sense of observing what is going on in the body helps me better understand how my emotional experience changes my perception. Cultivating awareness of body sensations I can observe, instead of judge, what is going on. This is the key step for me to explore broader perspectives. Examination of my body/feeling takes me beyond my emotional stories and that imprison me. Observing sensations can help free me since I become less identified with my narrow mental perspective.  

Checking into my body allows me to better see whatever arises.  I can experience how my lungs fill up with air and then go down with my exhale. How does the air touches my mouth? How do I make contact with my chair?  As I slow down I feel the tingling of my skin. 

Also I can see how all things arise and fall. Can I feel a tightness around any of my muscles and let them dissolve? Just watching my experience for several minute shows me how all things come and go like a changing weather system.

Becoming mindful I shift my attention from my head to into my body. Also I set an intention to notice and reframe things beyond emotions.  I invite kindness and gentleness in this reflection.  What feels better-holding your stomach and chest up or allowing your belly to soften?  I become friendlier in whatever comes up.

Taking time to notice things in a bodily way I awaken with this exercise. Examining what arises in my consciousness in the now offers me a sense of awe of how my mind works.  Such a attentive being connects rather than separates. Life is about the awe of interconnections, interactions and interrelationships.  Mindful attention awakens my world with this skill to use my body to be here and now.

For more information go to www.focusing.org

Heart Exercise or Heart@Cize

We have the opportunity to exercise our heart in a very sacred way. Let's celebrate our greater love for this beloved earth with bountiful forms of exercise and play. As we explore new ways to have fun we also can expand our possibility of joy and mirth. When we more deeply listen to our our heart we can cultivate a greater ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. Some examples of the possibility of this soulful exercise are:

• Paying attention to our heartbeat getting us our of our head allowing us to celebrate what we Love!

• Placing your hand over your heart and say WHAT IS RIGHT



• Rewiring our brain activity. Since our mind is attracts negative emotions like velcrow we transform this to teflon. Taking this velcrow and applying it to our positive experiences awareness.


We can exercise with simple rituals that cultivate greater self compassion. For example we can reward our self for what we do that's positive. Also we can forgive our self when we make mistakes. This is not always easy. Only when we remember to Heart@size we can pay attention to exercise loving kindness. When we set an attention to cultivate peace, contentment, and basic well-being we also invoke deeper states of concentration and insight. As we encourage what's right we create greater positive events to become positive experiences. Any way we show our gratitude or count our blessings then expand further possible positive experience. Thus increase our chances of seeing good things in all things, increasing acts of kindness and respect for facets of our life.

 (GLAD) –

GRATITUDE- reflecting on the good things in your life today or in the past.

LOVE- of self world and all thins, Feeling loved, cared about, liked, included, attended to, empathized with – BE included, belonging. CREATE goodwill toward SELF AND others. Quieting our mind and listening deeply deep to our heart.

ACCEPT- our worth and value. When the Buddha touched the ground when challenged by the forces of darkness to say "I am here, now one with this sacred earth" - We can become free to exercise our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness since when we accept all things then we become liberated.

DEVOTE- dedicate oneself to exercising the heart for the benefit of all beings and things we skillfully find our higher self.

Heart@sice- just imagine a huge celebration or party in your heart replacing old feelings of shame or inadequacy with feelings of being glad. The more we exercise our minds and bodies the greater potential for joy happens. What's right? Let's celebrate what we have and use it fully or face the negative consequences. Heart@cise or exercise your love by being glad, grateful, loving, accepting and devote our self to greater well being.

Relax Now!

Relax Now! is just one example of AWE.  Stillness is key relaxation techniques including deep breathing, mindful movement, visualization, muscle relaxation, and meditation.  Such techniques reduce stress levels, improve health, and increase feelings of joy and serenity.

You greatly benefit when you to tap your full relaxation potential. In addition to developing essential calming skills, Relax Now! will enhance your energy, sharpen your focus and provide tools associated with enhanced wellness.

One example of a highly effective stress-relief technique is to focus and relax various parts of your body.  We start relaxing the feet and gradually work our way up the body to release muscle tension everywhere.  Other relaxation techniques include cultivation of mindfulness with a deep focus in the present moment, simple visualization exercises, and use of the breath to lessen both mental and physical tensions and to maximize your fullest relaxation potential.

Relax Now! Just saying this words can transform how you work, play; sleep—in short, how you live— affecting potentially every facet of your life.