Saturday, June 9, 2012

Increasing our Brain Fitness

Advancements in brain science documents amazing new findings.  Our brains are plastic; meaning they can be reformed both with positive and negative results.  For example while walking looking at the ground results in negative neural plasticity since this unskillful act increases our senses of imbalance and increase our chances to fall.   Our mind is like is like a dirt path where we create grooves into it and deepen them as we use it more.

For example physical exercise and other activities can strengthen our neuro networks.   Specific forms of exercises can improve the neuron gain and synaptic connection thus strengthening cognitive function where the brain was once damaged or unused.   Challenging activities creating positive plasticity increases our brain fitness.   Intensive therapy has proven to correct traumatic neural damage.   Key is being motivated to more fully use our mind instead of lose mental ability due to lack of use.  

Neural plasticity provides us the possibility to teach ourselves to change certain mental activities. Thinking about our thoughts differently can shed our burdens and problems.  

Mindful attention can refine our thinking and behavior.  Working on our attention thus changing what we are regulating and what we are paying exact attention on.   A conscious perception can make or heighten our attention to what thing we are focused on.   Intensive training or intentional control can help our brains to prosper.  

Just as we re-refine our golf or tennis swing so can we modify our mind.  As we greater explore our neuro-modulators refine increasing our sense of wellbeing.  Also brain fitness stimulates our natural chemistry improving our wellbeing.    Keeping our minds to function better has been show to enhance a brighter more cheerful life.

Our ability to affect change is our belief to leave our comfort zones.  We become users instead acquiring ability or new skills.  As we venture into new fields or new task or challenging ourselves in focus into new ways.

The Brain Fitness Program ( cites there are seven keys for us to mentally advance;

Tenet 1- Change can only occur when we are in the mood.  If I am alert on the ball and the chemicals of the brain become released become on. 
Tenet 2- Change happens when I can increase my brain activity. 
Tenet 3-  When my brain fires together the mental activity becomes wired or stays together.   We become more integrated.  Use it or lose it.
Tenet 4- Initial changes are just temporary.  If it really engages us or has significant meaning then we never forget it.
Tenet 5- Brain plasticity is a two way street with both positive and negative results.   Chronic pain syndrome or developing bad habits we have the ability to rewire our brain.
Tenet 6- Memory is crucial for models.   Brain has a magical way of self-correcting.
Tenet 7- Motivation is a key factor in brain plasticity.   What do we fear or hate to motivate us or what we love and cherish?

New skill acquisition and refined learning activity creates this new plasticity. When the brain becomes newly engaged and awakens by new, refreshed, changed activity.  Also heart and cardio exercise stimulates new brain cells and increased wellbeing.  Mental training needs to be taxing and difficult to do.  Also it must be interesting. 

Playing a piano, chess, bridge, and a variety of mental challenges including meditation stimulates this new growth.  As we are motivate to being a better person, both our life and mental become more full.  Mental fitness requires enthusiasm to venture out and find new interests and become more engaged with our environment.  This new spark creates more joy since as we infuse spirit stimulating increased body and mind activity.  Bottom-line, use it or lose it depending how we exercise and how we train to become more mindful.