Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Earth Love Poem

Move H off Heart, place at the end

It spells Earth, your best friend

Listen to the birth high above

Dolphins singing of deep love

Rock, air, fire and rain connect

We are all related one divine effect

Illuminated play with rays cycling

All souls unite, a great recycling

Optimize kindness first letters. OK

Meanness and fear bring us dismay

If your mood begins to decline

Recharge yourself and fully align

Stand with your back to a tree

Its pure energy will set you free

Embody this grace and be still

Engage yourself with this skill

Quiet your thinking, hear your breath

Allow your spirit go beyond death

There is no beginning or an end

All things unite in a timeless band

Darkness your foe and light a buddy

Kiss the soil even if it's muddy

Laugh and love we are one

A cosmic dance and have fun

Circle around the healing medicine wheel

Feel the star-shine and its cosmic appeal

Add up the beneficial ways that respect

Subtract your suffering, do not expect

It's a inside game of showing gratitude

Expanding yourself with a higher attitude

Increase acceptance, lessen any resistance

Expand your awe of graceful presence

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